Updates and new novel!!! Long overdue post!

Hello everybody!!! I've been gone for a while (just like last time, but who's counting?), but after my girlfriend started her blog (yes, I have one now), I decided to return to mine in order to keep me writing. So! First things first!

The Misadventures of Pumpkin Oaksgourd will now be a book series. After watching Studio Ghibli films one too many times, the wheels began to turn in my head.

"The face of fantasy needs more people of color on it," I thought. I was and am honestly tired of seeing white faces on epic fantasy books. The closest we've got to people of color in fantasy is African Fantasy. Why the divide? Why do we only need to be in Africa to have a hold in the fantasy genre? More power to the authors who've written in this subgenre (especially Tomi Ayedemi and Antoine Bandele - check out their books!) but I feel like black authors as well as black protagonists can still produce great stories. The stories and themes come from the same mindset, but all I see are people either making European or Asian protagonists.

It's their choice, but I personally would like to see more people of color make the New York Times' Bestseller outside of the subgenre and in epic fantasy. Either that or I'm missing something.

This is why I've come back to writing Pumpkin. I decided to put her on a journey of self-discovery (go figure for every YA novel), as in this iteration of the character, Pumpkin is a witch who struggles with depression, the need to succeed and the looming darkness of a lineage she does not want.

It's the first story I've written without an outline. That's why in the next post, I'll upload the first chapter.

Also, I'll be striving to make more videos related to writing and gaming. I've considered going into doing game reviews, all things that'll challenge me in writing and creativity.

So until next time!

Prodigious Dialect, aka TreyStationDood


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