Sky Epoch Scene Idea!

As I woke up this morning, I found myself stumbling about in the darkness, feeling around for my glasses and my wrist-watch to check the time. What I touched was my ink pen, and I was inspired - the dark helped me conceive a scene of a character, a mechanical genius who've just completed a marvelous war machine, in my story serial "Sky Epoch".

Sky Epoch Scene Ideas
The Super Fighting Robot, Gigas Kaiser!
Enix Labs, Enix City
Various clicks, whistles, beeps, and deep hisses filled the laboratory that was devoid of natural light. The only form of illumination came from a single light-bulb tethered to a makeshift power source; a tangle of wiring and copper was crudely entwined together to generate a continuous current. She didn't want to risk creating another power surge for the 448th time in a row.
     Sylvie turned the socket wrench continuously, feeling the muscles in her forearm tense and relieve themselves as the final nut seemed to take forever to screw into place.
     A loud groan, the sound of metal bending under pressure and tension filled the nearly empty laboratory. Sylvie took a step back from her work; supported by a raised platform, the young woman stood in front of what was to be her greatest work, a gargantuan machine resembling a large humanoid.
     She looked back at the computer displays, an Emerald green screen filled with numbers, letters, and details tabulating in random sequences. It may have seemed like random data to any layman but to Sylvie, it was a second language. She spoke the language of a craftsman, the knowledge to create battering around endlessly in her mind.
     The chugging of a nearby printer caught her attention, and so Sylvie depressed a button on the raised platform and it lowered, the whirring gears kicking up a louder noise than anything before.
     “I should really fix those servos,” she muttered to herself as she vaulted over the edge of the raised platform’s railing, speeding up her descent to the ground. She landed roughly and rolled to transfer the build up potential energy to the floor, reducing the pain of the fall. Had Sylvie been a few feet higher, the fall would’ve been the least of her worries.
     The raised platform reached the floor moments later but Sylvie was already standing impatiently at the tabletop which held the chugging printer. Continuous sheets of paper spouted from it and Sylvie snatched up each one, reading the info quickly and silently.
     She had a mind like a steel trap, and she retained information pretty well, but Sylvie was far from a photographic memory.
     A ten-mile-wide grin stretched across her face. The information was just what she wanted to read – after three years, her project was finally finished. “Holy crap…all that’s left to be done is to collect sufficient combat data from around the world. Then you’ll be complete, my Super Fighting Robot! The Deck Family will scare the living daylights out of any Router!”
     Sylvie walked away from the tabletop and towards a wall. She reached and pressed a button on said wall, shining a light on the enormous construct. It was bulky, a design plan to simulate muscle mass, and it easily towered over many war machines the World Government could throw at them.
     The machine was crimson red and lined with golden and sapphire blue accents, save for the Sterling Silver plate with features carved into it with an acetylene torch to form the countenance of a face. She planned for it to be humanoid, in order to strike the fear of God into whoever pissed her off, but creating something of this magnitude and then taking the time to make it resemble a human required more capital that Sylvie was forced to hide from her brothers.
     She was skimming off the top; every job they did, every Router they rained a hailstorm of bullets upon, Sylvie took a little bit extra from the take. Her brothers were none the wiser, and thankfully so; this was her pet project, her glimmering, beastly achievement, and she’d be good and goddamned if ANYONE took it out of her hands.
     Sylvie looked back at the machine, at its huge clenched fists and powerful legs, both sets which took her four months each to complete. Fitted on its back was a pair of rockets powered by a Quartz Shard Reactor. Now a Quartz Shard, especially one big enough to power the Super Fighting Robot, took weeks of meticulous planning to retrieve without her brothers knowing. With this baby, roughly twelve feet in diameter and five feet in height, the machine will not be running out of power any time soon.
     Sure, a Quartz shard could be a good little nest egg for a band of criminals like her and her brothers, but Sylvie chose to think of the future. She thought of it as residual income.

     “Wait til’ they get a load of you, my Gigas Kaiser!”


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