A New Idea To Bring To The Blog!

Well, it's been a couple of days since I've posted the picture of Vermillion Redgrave, so I thought I'd shed light on that. Vermillion is one of the main characters of a serial that I am currently in the process of planning, a globe-trotting, high flying, Dieselpunk-era placed, pulp inspired tale called "Sky Epoch - Halcyon Days in the Azure".

Sky Epoch revolves around a band of adventurers, pirates, and antiheroes as they embark on an odyssey to find a fabled relic - the Azure Stone, an artifact given to Noah by God that enabled him and his brood to survive the Genesis Flood that once washed away all life on the planet. The flood, now scientifically known as the Halcyon Days, is preparing for an encore performance; the World Government, whose people have now taken to the skies in continent-owned flying colonies called Flotundras, must do all they can in order to ensure their survival, enlisting the help of a motley crew of characters to get the job done.

The idea, actually, came from a desire to write what I called "One Piece in the Sky" - the main characters were going to be Sky Pirates but soon, I felt that this idea, riding only on the aspiration to become One Piece's aerial brother, would fall short; I sought to give this idea more stability and structure, and so came the ordeal of the Halcyon Days and the idea of the connection to the Genesis Flood of old.

In other news, I conceived an idea to make this blog more interesting - serials to post every week. Story serials, like a Pulp magazine in the 30s-40s, would have character-driven pieces that'll run by way of one-shots or story arcs. So far I've gotten some ideas:

Black Dragon Broker - Taking place in a Futuristic world, Tokyo is now a Neo-Noir version of itself, dripping with Hong Kong action cinema and Heroic Bloodshed tropes. The serial revolves around Joseph Wong, a Broker (High ranking Enforcer of a gang) working for the Black Tiger Group, who rule the city from the shadows. It revolves him and his group taking on enemies who seek to disturb the gentle balance of their city.

Guilty Universe: The Final Crusade: Set in a galactic war between the Federated Territories (or the Coalition for short) and the Tao Empire, the tale chronicles Joe Karas, a Space Pirate hell-bent on revenge against the Tao Empire and the Coalition for the extermination of his people. Yet, as he seeks his retribution and paints himself as a bad guy, Joe learns that there are more things worth fighting for than his own personal vendetta upon discovering his destiny as a Psyker (Psychic Soldier).

Kanji: Fists of the White Lotus: Taking place in a world inspired by Wuxia novels, Kanji concerns a time where people lose faith in the government due to random, increasing attacks by brigands. Flung deep into the depths of misery, the people turn their cries to their religion. A legend circulates of a clan of special warriors who bear strange tattoos on their bodies, especially a large marking on their backs, will rise and restore peace to the land and its people. That clan was known as the Kanji. As the legend reached the ears of the two greatest sects, the Shaolin and the Wudang, they swore to protect the people until such a prophecy could be fulfilled. The White Lotus Sect, a faction of religious zealots who possess great power, saw this as an opportunity to make their bid for power; they lent their services to the Government and claimed to help restore the people's faith in them by outlawing all radial religious practices. Anyone against this law was considered an enemy of the state and was eliminated. A young hero, Sagacious Shin, seeks the help of legendary master Wong Fei Huang, who was called away to investigate a theft of sacred scrolls from the Shaolin Monastery.

Well that's all for now, so stay tuned!


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