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Chapter One:
A Witch’s Dreams
Pumpkin Oaksgourd was a witch. One of the best young witches to come out of Hollowmore since the days of the Aspects and their exploits, but she couldn’t tell anyone considered a “normie.” Should she tell anyone not a part of the Coalition of Sorcery, anyone who’s not recognized as a Witch, Warlock or Premiere, the hunters would come to strip her magic and memories away like a whimsical dream ended too abruptly.             Speaking of dreams that end abruptly, Pumpkin had wished this one would reach its climax already. She knew it was a dream, as everything seemed and felt surreal, but at the same time, it frightened her.             It was no dream. It was a nightmare. It was the fiftieth time Pumpkin had this dream. She trekked through a snow-encrusted wasteland as the wind howled and snapped at her like an angry beast kept an inch away from its prey. Buildings were torn and fractured, burned and rotted, a poor semblance of a thriving civilization. On the g…

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