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Pumpkin Oaksgourd's Game of Hide and Seek

New Pumpkin Oaksgourd art by 10juu!

Hello, my intrepid readers, and thanks for joining me for another Pages from the Memorandum post!

This week's flavor, the week of Christmas, is something a bit unheard of: a Halloween story! Last time, we were introduced to the world of Pumpkin Oaksgourd, my candy-obsessed freelance witch, and over the course of the past couple of weeks, I've been hard at work with the help of a few others prepping to begin a book series.

So allow me to be the first to announce the "Misadventures of Pumpkin Oaksgourd" book series, a YA sword-and-sorcery yarn in the vein of the JRPG "Tales of" series. The series will follow Pumpkin as she embarks on a journey to go from amateur witch to full-fledged Chevalier knight.

In the meanwhile, today's post is the short story that should've been done two months ago, my take on hide and seek starring Pumpkin. As I write this, I'm surprised at how far Pumpkin's conception has progresse…

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